Visualization Systems


The WAVElet is a minituarized, mobile relative of the WAVE and successor to the OptIPortable. The WAVElet packs a fully integrated, high-resolution, passive stereo VR system into a shipping container, creating a modular and scalable building block for the development of multi-user VR environments. Its 2×2 display layout, creates a 110″ diagonal, 4K (quad-HD) resolution  display canvas. The left and right 1×2 tile assemblies are hinged at the center, allowing them to be folded back-to-back and lowered  into a shipping hardened box via a motorized lift mechanism.

The WAVElet allows us to take our research to conferences, workshops, tradeshows, museums, into classrooms and most of all, “into the wild” for applied research.

The WAVElet hardware design as well as its open-source software stacks, CGLX, MediaCommens and CalVR, were entirely developed in-house.


  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Field deployable with small footprint
  • High-resolution, high-contrast, high-brightness
  • Fully integrated


  • The WAVElet is part of the shared-use cyber-infrastructure that goes wherever our team goes and is serving as a catalyst for the development of new national and international collaborations. Collaborate with us to get access.


  • The WAVElet goes wherever it needs to be.