Visualization Systems


The OptiPortable creates a “display-in-a-box” or as we like to say “science-in-a-box” capability. It integrates four narrow-bezel display tiles in a 2×2 layout, delivering 4K (quad-HD) resolution, across a combined 110″ diagonal. Its butterfly frame configuration, allows the left and right 1×2 tile configuration to be folded back-to-back, and retracted into a shipping container for rapid field deployment. The OptiPortable integrates all vital components, from the display, network, render and control nodes to sound system, in one easily to manage, modular building block.

The OptiPortable allows us to take our research to conferences, workshops, tradeshows, to museums, into classrooms and most of all, “into the wild” for applied research.


  • Modularity
  • Mobility


  • The OptiPortables are part of the shared-use cyber-infrastructure that goes wherever our team goes and are serving as a catalyst for the development of new national and international collaborations. Collaborate with us to get access.


  • The OptiPortables go wherever they need to be.