Visualization Systems


The Big Wall in the Vroom (Virtual Room) is a tiled display environment, using an 8×2 tile layout, for a total of 32 narrow-bezel display tiles. Each of the 55″ tiles has full HD resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels), adding up to 66 million pixels on the entire wall (15,360 x 4,320 pixels). Vroom is equipped with multi-channel audio with beamforming capability, and large-area optical tracking. The wall realizes a modular design approach, combining eight OptiPortables in a 4×2 configuration,  each contributing a 2×2 panel segment to the larger system. The bottom row of OptiPortables is deployed directly from their integrated shipping containers, while the upper row is suspended from the ceiling above.

The displays are driven by 16 display nodes with dual graphics cards and 10 Gbps network interconnects, running Linux. In addition, three separate control (head-) nodes are used to provide direct access to its three different software stacks, including CGLX/MediaCommons, SAGE and CalVR.


  • Modularity
  • Mobililty – system can be constructed and disassembled in less than a day
  • Scalability


  • The Vroom is part of the shared-use cyber-infrastructure that our team is developing and as such is accessible to other research and development projects, demos or tours, through a recharge mechanism


  • The Vroom is located on the first floor of Atkinson Hall in room 1608b