Visualization Systems


The Collaborative Research Interface for Scientific Data Presentation (CRISP) is our first 8K (7,680 × 4,320) pixel resolution, single projector environment for team-based big-data science. CRISP has become an integral part of the auditorium at the Qualcomm Instute, lighting up its 32 by 18  foot (w x h) screen. The auditorium offers seating for 200 visitors, wi-fi as well as power and ethernet jacks in every seat. Among the technical highlights are, a 20 channel surround sound system, high definition (HD) video capture and streaming, real-time 3D user tracking

The high end technical equipment installed in this room allows it to be used for anything ranging from presentations, video screenings, life performances, to visual analytics and scientific story telling.


  • 8K Digital Cinema
  • Multi-modal large-venue data presentation
  • Multi-site tele-presence


  • CRISP is part of the shared-use cyber-infrastructure that our team is developing and as such is accessible to other research and development projects, demos or tours, through a recharge mechanism


  • CRISP is located in the Qualcomm Institute auditorium.