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“Engineering a Future for the Past”

The Cultural Heritage Engineering Initiative at UC San Diego brings the power of student-driven engineering to the study and preservation of monuments, historic structures, archaeological sites, art and other artifacts. CHEI has created a comprehensive methodology and toolbox – integrating instru-ments for data collection, processing, analysis, visualization, and dissemination, with expertise in field deployment, training, and outreach.


CHEI is shaping the field of cultural heritage engineering, through multidisciplinary research, development and field-testing of fundamental concepts, techniques, tools and instruments. Our diagnostic imaging and synthesis techniques combine data from 3D surveys, multi-spectral imaging, sensing and computing to create a digital surrogate of the target environment, enabling and innovating data-enabled science and engineering.


CHEI conducts and supports global expeditions, operating in a broad range of environments, while concurrently exploring new direction in robotics and sensor payload systems for life-like data collection, computing for model creation, visualization and virtual reality, literally allowing researchers and the public alike to step into the arena of research and discovery and explore artifacts on their own terms.


CHEI closely works with scientists, explorers and stakeholders, including cultural institutions and museums, to create a scientific-baseline for an artifact or target environment, allowing for detailed inquiry, knowledge extraction, informed decision making and life-cycle management.


CHEI is uniquely equipped to provide expert solutions related to a wide range of challenges in aerial, ground and underwater imaging, data processing, visualization and analyis. From platforms and tools developed in-house for research, education and training, to technologies for use in hard-to-reach or hostile environments, our scientists and engineers can offer a broad range of research, development and deployment expertise and we are always interested in exploring new collaborations.

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