QI Bermuda 100 Project Featured in CNN Travel Report on Historic Shipwrecks

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San Diego, July 27, 2017 — In a long feature article and companion video, CNN Travel has posted the feature story on “Charted Waters”. In it, writer Alexander Rosen and his co-producer Joseph Coleman follow Dr. Philippe Rouja, Bermuda’s Custodian of Historic Wrecks, offshore and underwater to visit shipwreck sites in Bermuda’s waters. The report notes that “Rouja documents the current state of Bermuda’s wrecks using photography to create 3-D maps and models in a partnership with the University of California San Diego for a project called the Bermuda 100 Challenge.”

The feature article and video are now available on the CNN Travel interactive website at http://cnn.it/2uu28Xi. The article also links to the Bermuda 100 website.

CNN goes on to say that the computer models “provide a snapshot-in-time and comparing them tells a story about the evolution of both Bermuda’s wrecks and the environment.”

The article explains that the Bermuda 100 Challenge also allows anyone on the Internet to take a virtual dive and experience Bermuda’s cultural and environmental heritage through the web portal created by UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute. “Aside from its scientific importance, there’s a connectivity importance, that people can connect to a period of history, a shipwreck, the ocean,” Rouja tells CNN. “And that’s what shipwrecks do. They are actually a great segue for people into the marine environment that might otherwise not get there. So, when you’re out looking at a shipwreck, because you care about the history or you think shipwrecks are cool, suddenly you’re also learning about the rock fish that lives on that shipwreck or the particular spawning aggregation that’s next door. Giving shipwrecks that work to do is actually a big part of the work I do.”