SERENE a modular and scalable collaborative digital workspace

The Scalable Environment for Research, Engineering and Exploration (SERENE) explores the creation of modular, mobile, managable and maintable, room-sized, collaborative digital workspaces that are nevertheless massively scalable, without becoming monolithic. SERENE features a 6×4 tile layout, created by combining six self-contained OptiPortables, each contributing a 2×2 display array to the overal system. SERENE is co-located with the WAVE, enabling multi-modal data representation and analysis and served as the proof-of-principle for the subsequent development of Vroom. The values-add of it its modular (non-monolithic) design is that its sub-systems, i.e. its individual OptiPortables can be easily repurposed when Moore’s Law catches up with the larger system, easily doubling the overall lifetime of the cyber-infrastructure being created.

The SERENE hardware design as well as its open-source software stacks, called CGLX and MediaCommons, were entirely developed in-house.


  • Modularity
  • Mobililty
  • Scalability


  • SERENE is part of the cyber-infrastructure that our team is developing for next-generation visual analytics and visual computing research and applications, and is one of the very few spaces exlcusively reserved for the innovative work that our team is pursuing.


  • The SERENE is located in our SME Visualization Lab, a.k.a. the WAVElab.