Our Toolbox – Dissemination


CHEI believes that the dissemination of techniques, tools and research findings are a vital component of its cultural heritage methodology and has created a cyber-physical paradigm to do so. Education and field training, is going on hand-in hand with research and development of tools and techniques that can survive in the wild. Crowdsourcing techniques connect to citizen-scientists and scale collaborative data exploration and learning to remarkable levels, while research in the area of 3D printing opens the door to literally hold even the most valuable artifact in the palm of your hand, study it and create new directions for its preservation. 

Tomorrow’s leaders have to be experts when interfacing with domain specialists and the public either directly or through common publication channels. Our trainees develop skills needed to get ideas across accurately and persuasively in a variety of contexts: interacting productively one-on-one and in meetings; writing printed documents that are succinct, credible, and readable; editing and revising documents confidently; using document design and graphics to enhance messages; and making presentations with poise and impact. Through our close collaboration with National Geographic, and mainstream printed and broadcast media throughout our research effort, trainees receive unprecedented exposure to all of these aspects.