Our Toolbox – Acquisition


CHEI’s diagnostic imaging and analytical diagnostics techniques seek to capture artifact geometry and material composition, important elements for the creation of its digital surrogate that subsequently may be used to further study the artifact and its lifecycle. Our toolbox includes a broad range of imaging techniques, algorithms, tools and in-house developed instruments, enabling data acquisition from the micro to macro scale. CHEI’s ability to place the right sensor at the right location and at the right time is anchored in applied robotics research, covering a broad spectrum of expertise, related to designing, developing, testing and deploying airborne, terrestrial and submersible robots that are carrying a variety of payloads, ranging from multispectral imaging to physical sample collection or placement. CHEI’s research interests in the area of high-speed wireless and wired networks are aimed at creating a digital link between field-sites and the research community, enabling rapid exchange of mission critical data.

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